**Bowen Technique Therapy **



What is Bowen ?

Bowen Technique Therapy is a holistic therapy, treating the whole body. It is a hands on therapy, where the therapist will use fingers and thumbs on precise points of the body in a rolling movement  which prompts the body to reset, repair and balance itself. There is no manipulation or force used during the treatment, it is gentle, subtle and very relaxing.

How might it help me?

Bowen can be beneficial for a wide range of conditions….and many more than listed, please call 0191 417 9813 for more information.

Painful joints                         Neck pain                         Respiratory conditions             Allergies

Headaches                          Sports injuries                      Digestive problems            Frozen shoulder 

Fibromyalgia                         Sciatica                                 Tennis Elbow                        Stress

Carpel Tunnel              Irritable Bowel Syndrome                    Vertigo                          Bedwetting

Infant Colic                             Anxiety                             Fertility problems                  Migraine

What does it cost?

£135.00 Initial assessment and three 60 minute treatments

£240.00 Initial assessment and six 60 minute treatments

£25.00 for 30 minute follow ups






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