** Counselling/Talking Therapy **


What is Counselling/Talking Therapy

Counselling/Talking Therapy allows you to talk about your problems and feelings which are causing emotional pain and distress in your life.


How might it help me?

Our Counsellors aim to help you deal with and overcome the issues which are causing the problems you are facing. They will help you understand your life, often with a view to making choices to improve your situation, crisis, thoughts, feelings or behaviour through a warm and caring approach within a safe and relaxed enviroment at Metaphysic Clinic.

You may be experiencing specific issues such as :- Stress, Relationships, Low Mood, Depression, PTSD, Phobias, Anxiety, Self Harm, Eating Disorders, Family Problems, OCD, Mental Health, Sleep Issues, Gambling, Anger, Low Confidence, Confusing thoughts, Bullying, Grief, Loss, Suicidal Thoughts, Loneliness, Sexuality, Bereavment, Domestic Violence, Affairs, Work Issues, Panic Attacks, Divorce, Sexual Trauma.


How Does a Typical Session Go?

Our Counsellors will encourage you to express your feelings and emotions so you can gain a better understanding of them and your thought processes, In order to help you either resolve your difficultiesor find ways of coping better.


What Does It Cost?

FREE Initial 20 minute telephone Consultation

£25.00 1st 1 Hour Clinic Consultation

£40.00 all following Consultations


Our Counsellors

Helen Graham – Psychotherapeutic Counsellor (MBACP)

Deb Johnson – Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, RGN, CSS/SW (MBACP)

Kerry Rafferty – BA Hons (MBACP)

Elaine Taylor – BA Hons (MBACP)











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